We will have a custom solution to meet your needs.

You do not need substantial outlay.

You do not need to spend as much as you might think.

We will hold your hand all the way, so you can confidently design your site.

We will share our knowledge of attracting clients, getting extra business and promoting yourself.

We will give you a full training on how to operate your equipment.

In addition, we will give you telephone or person-to-person support afterwards.

We have several options to acquire the system you need:

You can buy it outright

This is straightforward - you own the equipment and we will support if within warranty period, which can be extended.

You can rent it from us and return it back

Why? Would you like to be tied into ownership and have to use you same PC or mobile phone you used five years ago? Sometimes equipment becomes old. We seen piles of 3-4 year old equipment gathering dust on various sites and the owners buying a new set again because competitors have more sophisticated ones and their own equipment is too old, too bulky, lacking features etc.

There is nothing wrong with leasing a car - once it does not suit your needs anymore, it can be easily sold. With LaserTag equipment it is too much of speciality thing and you most likely will just put it in a shed. So rental is one of the options please discuss it with us.

We can help you to arrange finance as our system is pre-approved for business lease.

This is similar to rental, if your company can meet credit checks for business leasing, so you can pay for your set monthly without significant outlay. But if your company is new and business leasing is not approved you can always rent form us.

With our help, you can get going from as little as £300 per month. Please contact us for a friendly consultation. We treat every customer individually and will offer you several options that fit your circumstance.