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In order to create fantastic gaming experience and involving scenarios, you have all the tools needed

Head Sensor

Four sensor domes with built in vibrators – so the player feels from which direction shot came.Multicolour LEDs allow a wealth of different scenarios and up to 4 teams at the same time. The band can be set to glow in team colour with 15 levels of brightness.
Battery time up to 48 hours. Battery depletion indicator.
Rubber band insert for adjustment that is more comfortable. Machine washable insert that can be easily removed on Velcro attachment.
Weighs only 220 grams!

Power supply

The wireless head sensor is powered by a lithium accumulator (1,400 mAh ), which gives you  from 24 up to 36 hours of great performance (the previous accumulator capacity was 750mAh ). The full accumulator charge takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes. Li + accumulators are used both in head sensors and guns.


Due to small SMD elements, we managed to create a small board. We use a 3-layer protect varnishing system that prevents a short circuit, electromagnetic interference, condensate formation. In addition, the main sensor board is fully compatible with the fourth-generation hardware.  Seven TSOP 4856 sensors (the old head sensor had only four) receive 360 degree horizontal and 180 degree vertical signals.

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth wireless technology provides secure, stable communication at a distance of up to 10 meters. If the head sensor or gun accumulator is discharged, you won't need a separate personal computer to change the settings, just turn on the spare head sensor, and it will automatically connect with your weapon. It takes 3 seconds to establish a good connection. Just plug and play.


The sensors are protected by domes made of polycarbonate. The material is 200 times stronger than glass. Shock load tests have shown that new sensors are very hard to brake. Moreover, the sensor material is resistant to extreme temperatures (from - 50 to + 120 degrees). Because of the convex shape of the dome, the bright LEDs have become brighter. The Vishay LEDs (TLWR series) are very reliable and super bright. The set includes improved cuffs made of watertight fabric that protects the electronic components from moisture. 

Smart Remote

Is the device to control the games. At the press of the button it will START game, STOP game, START ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE game, give chosen player double health, adjust chosen players guns power (useful when playing indoors to avoid beam bouncing off the walls causing ricocheted hits) and start LAST HERO game scenario. It also can instantly assign chosen player to any team – RED, BLUE, GREEN and Yellow.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE scenario – chosen players are designated as ZOMBIES – their headband will glow GREEN and they will have 2.5 times more health and ammo that other players. When ZOMBIE shoots other player, this player also turns into ZOMBIE. The game ends when all the players are turned into ZOMBIES or all ZOMBIES are eliminated.

LAST HERO game scenario – any player can eliminate any player, there are no teams, and everyone is for himself. Last man standing wins.

Pro Remote

This gives you full control of every possible aspect of any setting in the field on a same level as our PC software.
You will also need USB PROGRAMMING UNIT FOR PC (sold separately) to change settings of this device.

ACTIONTAG company makes lots of additional equipment. The «Pro» remote control is one of such devices. This device has been used in all major laser tag-events and has been approved by many players. You can change settings, scenarios right on the go. The remote control is a portable station, say goodbye to your pc with all its software.

The lithium accumulators give you up to 40 hours of great performance. The device has an OLED display with a wide view angle, low power consumption, high brightness level. The display is embedded in the frame. It prevents accidental damage during the game.

The remote control is made of rough plastic, now you can hold it comfortably in your hands. Use the anti-vandal lock located on the right side of the frame, the charging socket is on the opposite side. ACTIONTAG engineers have managed to create a good device of high quality.


Restores full ammo to nearby players when top button is pressed. Ammo is given to any player, irrespectively of the team colour. Battery life approximately one week.

Med Kit

Restores full health to nearby live (not killed and still in game) players when top button is pressed. Health is restored to any player, irrespectively of the team colour. Battery life approximately one week.

Radiation Box

This accessory is used to make the game more entertaining – the box can be planted in different game filed areas where players tend to congregate and it will deduct 50% of health at random intervals, simulating radiation.


This is the main and required accessory – the Base will revive killed players by topping up Ammo and Life - upon the press of the button. The base will revive any player, regardless of the team colour.

The second function is capture the base game – the opposing teams try to shoot opponents base, the siren indicates that the base was defeated. Once base defeated, it stops reviving players


This will give your players a chance to learn their weapons by shooting this target before the game.
Upon hit it can show team colour and player ID, or hit points, or hit count, all programmable.

This is a must have device for a rental site owner. You can practice shooting before the start of the round. The new version has a small display, updated design, and new control system. But first things first.


The front side of the target has been changed. We added English sound support, and a cool logo. The target doesn't look like a mere piece of plastic. This is a 100% functional device. The rest is the same: the power socket at the side of the target and the special lock for turning on the device. Inside we have a 2.2 Ah lithium battery that ensures 15 hours of great work.


The backlight became more noticeable in the new version. Instead of four large LEDs we now have as much as twenty LEDs, which are arranged around the circumference. 4 sections will turn the colour of the player's team when the target is hit.


At the bottom of the target there is an indicator. Depending on the operating mode, it shows the number of hits, the Player ID or weapon damage. The display will be very useful during configuration process. When turned on the target shows the power level. The player will no when he should charge the device.


The new version of the target can be programmed. Using any Actiontag remote you can change the sound, brightness level as well as the back light type.

The "new game" button resets the hit counter, and the "kill the player" button allows you to go into the admin mode. If you set up the device, it won't not respond to shots from the weapon.The display will show more details about the selected parameter.

Use the "kill the player" button to switch between the modes. Select the mode using "the new game" button.

If the player doesn't perform any action during 3 seconds, the device will start in the usual mode.

If not used for 5 minutes, the device will automatically turn off. Shoot at the device or turn the key to make the target active again.


Also known as Domination Point or in the LaserTag industry.

Easy to set and manage it will give players something to battle for. Shooting it from the top at the close range will “capture” it and the Flag will glow in team’s colour. At the end of the game the Flag will signal which team won it by holding it majority of time by sounding the siren and flashing LEDs in winning team’s colours

"Bomb" Prop

This device has a built-in timer with code panel and you can set code of any difficulty to “Disarm” it.
Once the game starts, one of the possible scenarios is making teams to find pieces of the code hidden in the field of give codes out upon completing tasks such as capturing Control Points. If the correct code is entered the timer stops and you can award win to the team who stopped the timer. Or if the code is not entered on time a loud siren sounds to announce it.
Battery time 24 hours.

The device represents a box made of black shock resistant abs-plastic. The box has a carrying handle for the player's convenience. The game master can turn on and reboot the device using a special key. The players can only activate/ deactivate the device by entering a password. There is no need to use a PC — all settings are editable through the admin menu. All information is displayed on two screens: a segment display used for counting and an LCD display — for entering a password, your venue's name, etc.

Technical Characteristics

An IR diode is cantered on the board!
Blast radius: Up to 15 meters indoors, thanks to the glance of a signal after hitting a wall.
The battery life on a single charge: up to 24 hours.
A loud piezo signal will indicate the explosion.

How to Use

By default the admin's password — all 1s, the player's password — all 2s. If you changed the password and can't remember it, hold "5" when loading the device. The password will be reset. When you turn on the LCD, you will see time information. If you press any key, you will be asked to enter the password. If you enter an admin password, you will get into the admin mode. If you enter the player's password, the bomb will be activated, the countdown will be displayed on the LED display. The LCD indicator will blink off for some time and then show the "enter the password" menu. If you re-enter the player's password, the countdown will be stopped. If the time is up, the bomb will immediately explode. You will also hear the sound of a siren coming off the speakers. When deactivated/exploded, the device can be used again only after its power down.

Use from 1 to 11 digits for your password.
Your company logo can also be shown on the menu screen (the fourth option in the admin menu). The logo can be shown on the bottom line of the display during the system start up. How it works: Use 2-8 for entering letters, 4-6 for changing the letter's positon, * — apply, # — cancel.

Hostage Headband

This sensor operates without matching tagger and is used for VIP escort or Hostage missions where one team has to protect VIP or Hostage and another team seeks to take him/her out.

The round ends if VIP/Hostage is eliminated, or escorted to certain destination, or protected for given amount of time.

You will also need USB PROGRAMMING UNIT FOR PC (sold separately) to change settings of this device.

A new platform has been used for the well-known to our players Hostage. All the advantages of the new RGB headband which we introduced earlier on have been implemented in the new version. The bright LEDs, multiple sensors, and the background light have proved efficient in simple battles. Therefore, these features will suit ideally the scenarios, which involve saving hostages and VIPs.

The approach to the device operation changed, too. In the old version of the device there were preset colours. Therefore, the party responsible for other people’s lives had to be selected from the very beginning. The colour of the RGB variant is neutral by default. So, either laser tag team can fight for hostages.

The first shot does not kill the Hostage. Instead, it determines to which team he will belong. Thanks to the background light function, the allies will know whom they have to defend, while the rivals, on their part, will know whom they need to focus their attention on. After the Hostage has been assigned a team’s colour, the laser tag villains become after him, for he can now be killed. The death of the player is accompanied by bright LEDs flashes and sound effects.

Everything remained unchanged otherwise: convenient setting up using the laser tag configurator, ease of use and reliability, which is typical of all Actiontag products.

LaserTag Knife

For more advanced players who like to use stealth tactics - this rubber mock knife with electronics built in will take out any player silently regardless health level at .5 meter distance.

The device looks like a real training knife. The weight is only 80 grams. The weapon is powered by a small CR2032 3v. battery The time of operating work is one month, thanks to the energy efficient processor. The operation principle is quite simple. The IR diode is inside the hilt. Its signal is directed to the opposite side from the blade. Press the button to hit the enemy. They will instantly become a virtually dead player no matter how many health points they have. The effective range of the weapon is 0.5 meters. Defeat your enemy with the knife handle to hit him.
The set includes a plastic case.

Machine washable headband insert

Give your players comfort feel of fresh and clean headband.

It detaches from the Head Sensor easily as uses Velcro attachment and after quick machine-wash is ready to go attached back in no time.

The hygienic cuff is placed inside a headband with the help of Velcro fastenings. It protects your electronics from moisture.

Prop Launcher

This device, upon being shot, will be able to electronically launch any prop you need to operate – it could be firework, your sound system of even stopping a vehicle used in large games.

You will also need USB PROGRAMMING UNIT FOR PC (sold separately) to change settings of this device.

The Prop Launcher is a system that imitates armoured vehicles and constructions explosion. It is used in every second big laser tag game. It gained its popularity due to being functional, reliable and compact in size.

In big games, military vehicles are used to transport players. It is convenient, for they are used for moving raiding forces and respawning the "killed". The game pace increases, the players save time and energy for moving around the ground. If the equipment cannot be destroyed by laser tag equipment though, it acts as an armoured train. We have created the Prop Launcher in order to avoid such cases.

As time goes by expectations increase, the company staff build expertise, therefore we introduce updates to the devices that don’t look modern enough. We are glad to introduce a new 3.0 version of the Prop Launcher.

Besides, the IDs of the players who can blow up the weaponry can be added in the game specification. This is handy for scenario games, in which everyone has their role and concentrate on their own tasks.


The first thing that catches one’s eye is the body frame. Clean lines, perfect edges and ribs significantly improved the look of the device. The Prop Launcher looks superb, way better than the previous version.

The device can boast not only the shape of its frame, but also its stickers, which match well the overall design. The company special lettering, clear pictographs, logo - these are the distinctive features of ACTIONTAG equipment.

The exterior appearance is closely linked with its reparability. The frame is easy to assemble and dismantle, which is important for those who repair equipment on a daily basis. Besides, the construction is water resistant. The device has been designed in such a way that it displays excellent performance in any weather conditions.

The Prop Launcher has now become lighter and more compact: the device weighs 470 grams, its base diameter is 13 cm.


We continue converting the equipment from lead-acid batteries. Inside the Prop Launcher, there is a lithium accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah. The company range has been increased with the addition of the new device, which can be easily charged using the devices of the Li+ and Smart Li+ range.

With average energy consumption charged battery operation time has increased to 48 hours. The charger inlet is protected by a special rubber plug, which will not let humidity and dirt into the inlet.

During operation, the Prop Launcher will please you by its powerful piezo signal and bright light indication, which is clearly seen in any weather conditions. The use of new LED modules makes the light from the device visible at any angle.


The device remained otherwise unchanged: it has 4 TSOP sensors, the possibility to connect pyrotechnics, setting up by means of laser tag configurator.

The Prop Launcher is an honest device. If you set damage value to 100 units, then anything below that mark will not be recognized by the device. Such customization will not allow gunners and snipers to strike the Prop Launcher.

Li+ Charger

Advanced smart charger used to charge most of the equipment

A charger for Li+ lithium accumulators

ATTENTION! Follow the rules of fire and electrical safety. Do not leave the charger unattended!

Claymore Mine Prop

The new mine took up its place in the line of ACTIONTAG universal devices for good reason and combined in itself the functions of two devices: mine with a movement sensor and a Claymore.

Not so long ago, we introduced the Chameleon universal point, which supports 4 types of impulses and can be used to play 3 customizable scenarios. From now on, laser tag fans will also have a mine in their arsenal that will give their rivals a hard time. Whether it is flag capture or holding a checkpoint – these are going to become a real challenge to their virtual enemy. For during a laser tag battle, players may not only get shot – they may be struck by an infrared impulse of a Cerberus. It can strike both allies and rivals – it all depends on the selected settings.


The American anti-personnel mine M18A1 served as prototypes for the creation of the body of the device. On the front panel, there are 8 infrared diodes, 2 infrared sensors and 1 red indication LED. Behind the narrow horizontal openings at the rear of the device, there are two powerful 2 W speakers that make the sound of detonation truly realistic. At the bottom of the body, there is a charger inlet with a rubber cap attached to it and a switch button. At the top, there is a groove covered with a cap used for attaching the explosive device.

Made from impact resistant plastic, the black matte body can hardly be broken nor cracked during use. Thanks to its compact dimensions and lack of sticking out elements, the device has an ergonomic construction. At the rear of the body, there are protruding ribs with openings for metal bolts. There are 2 hangers at either side. If desired, one can pull a strap with textile Velcro fastenings through them in order to hang the device on a tree or on a post. In the winter, the Cerberus can just be laid down on the snow. You must agree that the mounting elements on the device offer a lot of possibilities – whatever the conditions of a game polygon, you can place the mine anywhere.

It must be pointed out that ACTIONTAG specialists have been successful in their attempt to create something innovative. We are talking about movements detection. They have used the classic infrared sensors for the new generation of devices, yet they also managed to do the impossible: they realised the reflective principle in a device with small dimensions, while keeping energy consumption levels low. There was a reason for such a technologically complicated development. Unlike the classic alarm ultrasound sensors that go off at any sound or a slightest movement, delivered by the Chinese market on a massive scale, our infrared sensors filter any interferences and provide 99.8% stable work. Thus, thanks to our technology, the chance of accidental work has been brought down to a minimum. Besides, for the stable operation of Chinese sensors, the filtration of interferences must be significantly increased – this substantially lowers movements detection distance, which is very critical for our device.

You may ask, why not use PIR sensors that respond to heat, for they have the highest sensitivity (up to 10–15 metres)? ACTIONTAG developers decided to keep its designer body an organic whole. Should they have used PIR sensors, they would have to fit the mine with enormous protruding contrastive white hemispherical lenses, which meant they would have to cancel out the aesthetic side of the construction. The solution that had been tried and tested over time – the infrared sensors – became the professionals’ final choice.

The device has relatively small dimensions – 21 x 15 x 8 cm and it only weighs 580 grams. The heart of the mine is a li-ion accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah. When fully charged, it will provide 36 hours of trouble-free operation of the Cerberus.


On turning on, the mine will immediately produce a sound signal notifying of the battery charge level. Then, a 5-secong countdown will begin. Upon that, the device will produce intermittent sound signals and a LED on the front panel will light up. After the countdown has ended the mine will be ready to detonate.

It will go off in three cases. First – if the infrared motion sensors are activated. Distance – 3 metres. Second – if another mine or grenade detonates nearby. Third – the Cerberus will detonate if it is shot. From the start, there will be 100 HP strength points. The number of shots is determined by the preset weapon damage. When the number of HPs drops below zero, the mine will go off.

The guaranteed defeat radius is up to 12 metres.

After detonation, the device will produce sound signals at certain intervals for 10 minutes. The red LED on the front panel will light up. After 10 minutes, it will turn off.


The process of setting up this device is extremely easy. You won’t need a configurator – it is a manual process. You need to plug a special normally closed contact jack plug key into the charger inlet (included in the delivery set) and turn on the activation button.

On entering this mode, you will hear: ‘Settings Mode’ and the red LED will start blinking frequently. Use the Nano remote to set the device: push the small button to select the required parameter, the large button – to change its value. By the way, you can use any other laser tag remote to do setting up. In this case, you can select a parameter by means of the ‘admin kill’ button and then do further selections within the chosen parameter by means of the ‘new game’ button. After you’ve been through selecting values for parameters, you need to wait 5 seconds. The mine will save the settings and give a brief sound signal.

To exit the settings menu, turn the device off, then turn it on again.



- Minimum. Quiet sounds do not give away a mine when it is being set up. Accumulator charge is saved.

- All. Clear audio messages. Attractive for casual players.


- Detonation. Total defeat of all the players that are close by – irrespective of the colour of a team. In player’s statistics, it will be stated that death was caused by detonation.

- Shot. The mine produces a burst of fire aimed at maximum defeat. At that, the team colour and the ID of a player who laid a mine are taken into consideration. This means that a mine detonation may be safe to the players of one’s own team. The owner of a Cerberus boosts own statistics. Besides, it will be stated in the statistics of a killed player that he has been killed by a player who has landed the mine.


- Classic. The mine is activated immediately on turning it on.

- Extensive. After each detonation, the mine needs to be activated by selecting the New Game command on a remote. The device cannot be used endlessly simply by turning it on and off. The principle is as follows: one activation – one detonation. The advantage of the extensive mode is that the mine remembers the ID of a player that has shot it. Thus, a player will boost their statistics after each detonation.

Motion sensor

- Off. Saves battery charge. Rules out accidental detonation.

- On. Allows to do without a real tripwire mine. Saves the time that is required for laying a mine.

Besides the abovementioned parameters, the settings mode can be used to select a team colour and a player ID. To do this, shoot the infrared sensor on the front panel. In this case, the mine will acquire the colour and the ID of the player that shoots it. You can also use a PRO remote to select the colour of a team. In this case, the player will have an ID number 127.

Bluetooth adapter for PC

All weapons connect to PC via Bluetooth for reading scores and loading up your custom game scenarios.
If your PC does not have a Bluetooth function this adapter will make your PC Bluetooth-capable.

USB programming unit for PC

All weapons connect to PC via Bluetooth for reading scores and loading up your custom game scenarios.
If your PC does not have a Bluetooth function this adapter will make your PC Bluetooth-capable.

One of the features is a USB-interface which is used for PC connection.
The device has small dimensions, new connection technologies.
There isn't any built-in power source.