Developer and manufacturer of LaserTag Equipment from UK - Action Tag Lasertag

We are developing, manufacturing and selling laser tag equipment from 2004. For many features we were pioneers – such as wireless headbands and PC interface.

This year we decided to combine our twelve years’ experience and skill with several independent laser tag manufacturers to bring you an ultimate rental laser tag system - a top class system by any standard.

Our aim is to supply professional field operators with reliable tool of their trade - a perfectly built Laser Tag system designed by teams with background in the industry.

You want a simple, sturdy and reliable tool that just does its job day in and day out.

We will provide you with a full demo, and help with designing your site and game scenarios. Do not be overwhelmed by a wealth of features and extras – let’s build you a solid earning system first without spending too much on extras you do not need. More can be added later at any time. We will give you full advice.

For Professional LaserTag systems purposely built for running a commercial activity site please check Rental Laser Tag section of our website

For innovative MilSim KillHouse systems purposely built for running a commercial activity site please check MilSim KillHouse section of our website

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