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Our philosophy is to give you a capable and attractive tool to earn money with minimal running costs.
The equipment we offer is professionally developed, built, and supported with no expense spared and corners cut at any stage.
We use only top quality build and components with rental business in mind, so your equipment will stand up to a lot of daily abuse on and on.

We are developing, manufacturing and selling laser tag equipment from 2004. This year we decided to combine our twelve years’ experience and skill with several independent laser tag manufacturers to bring you an ultimate rental laser tag system - a top class system by any standard. It has all bells and whistles you might or you even might not expect from today’s laser tag, but our most important features are:

  1. It has a lot of appeal – looks and sounds fantastic!
  2. It has rock solid build
  3. It is dead simple to operate
  4. It is cheap and easy to maintain

These are vital features for you as a business seeking to achieve profit. Speaking of some features in more detail here is more comprehensive list:

  1. Reliable, rock solid, weapons-grade ABS-plastic made taggers
  2. Advanced acoustics system to give you loud sounds at unmatched quality. 63 professionally recorded sound effects. You can even create your own!
  3. Wireless head sensors with RGB LEDs – they glow in variety of colours for different scenarios. Player headband turned green? Zombie mode!
  4. Heaviest tagger weighs just 1 kg – perfect even for kids
  5. Two weapons per player – if you choose, player can have one weapon, or two at the same time. For example, play with assault rifle and have a pistol as a sidearm – excellent rental up sale for extra income.
  6. Advanced 2-stage optics for perfect accuracy
  7. Tactile feedback – weapon vibrates when fired, out of ammo, hit taken etc.
  8. Advanced low-voltage circuitry gives you unmatched up to 36 hours play time
  9. Wireless sensor headbands or wireless sensor vests? No problem.
  10. Both sensors and vests have several vibrators, vibrating on a side where shot came from. Your players will feel direction of incoming fire.
  11. Low power ultra-bright OLED displays on all weapons showing all data – life, ammo, magazine clips, team colour etc.
  12. Anti-ricochet - variable IR power can be set any value for indoor games to eliminate ricochets.
  13. Sensor inside barrel deals with cheaters sticking weapon out around the corner – if tagger is hit, it also registers damage.
  14. Loads of extra devices to create diverse games – please check The Kit section.
  15. Picatinny rail mounts for scopes, flashlights and any other extras. Iron sights as a standard option.
  16. Scenarios programmed effortlessly on-a-fly during the game with a press of the button.
  17. Functions like automatic health regeneration, bleeding, radiation, weapon overheat, Zombie mode, Terminator etc. – too many to list and growing, please request demonstration from our dealer.
  18. Machine-washable hygienic insert for headband – you can maintain equipment clean effortlessly, just pull of Velcro attachment, machine wash, and stick it back.
  19. PC software suite to effortlessly program your kit wirelessly – no cables needed.
  20. Game stats wirelessly collected after the game for printouts, marketing and pushing into social networks – fully customised with your branding.
  21. Many, many more features constantly added – please ask for a demo!