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Gun AT Rental MK12 Laser Tag

AT Rental MK12 LaserTag gun

No costs are spared

Our AT Rental MK12 LaserTag gun is manufactured to the highest standards from the aircraft grade aluminum. No costs are spared.

The gun is painted using hi-tech powder-coating technology which is extremely scratch-resistant.

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Handgun AT G17 Laser Tag

AT G17 LaserTag handgun

Real Military Red Dot scopes

We use only real Military Red Dot scopes, widely used by armed forced across the world for medium range and close quarter encounters.
The taggers have standard military Picatinny scope mount rail...

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Laser Tag Action Flag

Laser Tag Action Flag

it features full wireless technology

A fantastic game extra to cater for number of popular scenarios
revolving around “Capture the Flag”, “King of The Hill” and other
classics that determine a winner by whoever held a certain item or position longer than opposing team.

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Laser Tag Action Tag Field Master Control Box

Laser Tag MasterBox control unit

Excellent firing range

AT Rental MK12 LaserTag gun has an excellent firing range, remaining accurate all the way – if you can see the target, the gun can hit it.

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Laser Tag Action Tag Target Ammo  Health Extra

Laser Tag Target Box

Fully customizable

All guns are pre-loaded with game scenario of your choice by pressing just one button on the MasterBox. You can change team alignment, ammo, clips, lives, game times, set friendly fire etc. It is fully customizable by you.

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Laser Tag Wireless Head Sensors

Wireless Head Sensors

Exclusive by ActionTag UK!

Our company spearheaded many of today’s Laser Tag technologies, such as real-time feedback, but there are still some advanced functions our competitors are yet to catch up with. Unlike any other system on the market our head-worn sensors are NOT ATTACHED to the gun itself using coiled telephone wire...

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Laser Tag Digital Multi Charge Station

Digital MultiCharge Station


Another device pioneered by our company to make your life as a site operator much easier – with this specially built Digital MultiCharge Station you can charge all your equipment simultaneously.

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Laser Tag Action Tag Guns Rental Set in a Box

Typical Laser Tag System

for your business

Your typical system will consist of 20 guns, 20 wireless head sensors, 2 MasterBox control units, 2 TargetBox multifunction devices and digital multi charging device to charge the lot simultaneously...

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We build Laser Tag systems

Our aim is to supply professional field operators with reliable tool of their trade - a perfectly built LaserTag system designed by team with background in the industry.

We are confident that we do have MOST reliable and MOST advanced system currently available. Our R&D team pioneered many current LaserTag technologies, many still unmatched today. Please get in touch and we will prove it by demonstration session at your convenience.

  • Most technically advanced equipment
  • Robust and heavy-duty rental systems
  • Made in EU with support centre in UK
  • Many sites in number of countries supplied across the world
  • Full warranty - up to lifetime!
  • Only top grade components - no costs spared
  • Flexible start-up plans with minimal outlay
  • Free site design setup consultations


Laser Tag "Kalashnikov" Strength

Laser Tag "G17 Rental Pistol"